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Here's what's included in this issue.

The games included in this edition are on varied topics and eras.  GLADIATORS OF ROME is a solitaire game of tactical man vs man combat in the arena, designed by Bob Flood of England.   Four gladiator types (Thracian, Samnite, Myrmillo, and Retiarius) are included.  COURAGE UNDER FIRE is Paul Rohrbaugh's design simulating the Communist assault on An Loc in Vietnam in the Spring of 1972.   This battalion level two-player game features area movement, and uses a deck of ordinary playing cards and a die to resolve combat and turn sequence.  NAVTAC 1914 is a detailed miniatures game of naval tactical (=NavTac) game of ship vs ship combat in the first year of the Great War.  Turns represent three to four minutes of real time, one inch represents 500 yards, and ships fire by individual main and seconday turret. 

Included in this issue is a PROUD MONSTER variant by Jerrold Thomas, which includes variant counters.  Ron Bashian contributes a very helpful and practical column on tips for mounting your own DTP counters.  LTC Robert Smith offers insight on the art and goal of game reviewing, written from the standpoint of a reviewer.  Lars Boye continues his contributions to the SALVO game system by providing rules for WW2 Destroyers.  Plus, there are variants for OMAHA BEACHHEAD by Jim Meldrum, DREADNOUGHTS & BATTLECRUISERS by the editor, and a new set of unit counters for LA BATAILLE DE YORK 1813 from Jerrold Thomas.  All this, in addition to the regular columns which regularly appear in the magazine, such as Letters to the Editor, the editorial, etc.

All the necessary game components for the three issue designs are included.  These include a single-sheet of color, uncut playing counters (for Courage Under Fire, Gladiators of Rome, Proud Monster variant, and La Bataille de York 1813 units), a color map (Courage Under Fire), and Reference Card for Gladiators of Rome and NavTac 1914 Reference Card and ship counters.

Let's see... three complete wargames, plus great reading material and variants, all in one handy forty-page digest-sized package that is turbo-charged with fun and historicity, delivered to your door for one low price.  Yeah, I'd say that PANZER DIGEST delivers great bang for your buck!

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We're very pleased to announce the appointment of six new Contributing Editors to PANZER DIGEST, beginning with this issue.  This edition contains brief biographical sketches of each of these gentlemen.  They are veteran wargame designers and/or writers, and each one brings particular strengths and outlooks to the publication. 

Gary Graber

Contributing Editors
Lars Boye
James Meldrum
Paul Rohrbaugh
LTC Robert Smith
Jerrold Thomas
James Werbaneth

We're confident that their contributions will help take the magazine to new heights.  We're proud to have them on board!
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